How can I help?

Tell others about Life Model materials:

Building joy and peace in the lives around you is a big part of living a life you can be proud of living. Life model materials are life changing but they spread from one life that was touched to the next. Pass the joy and help us with the most expensive part of this project – spreading the word. Please introduce us to any people who want to invest in making a joyful difference in the places where there is now pain and violence. 


Bring someone with you to THRIVE or Thriving:

Building your own capacity and brain skills is half the story. Passing the joy and skills to others is the rest. One way to do both is to bring someone with you.


Place a Thriving Recovery program in your church or community:

Placing a Restarting program by buying an Open Group Kit for your church or favorite ministry helps them over the initial costs for starting a recovery program. When you buy a Restarting Kit for others it help us fund the development of further applications and find ways to reach those who cannot afford help themselves.


Sponsor part of a project under development:

Look over our Projects page and find a place where you can make a difference. This could be bigger than a cure for cancer. We are developing strategic methods to pass the skills we develop from one person to the next and from one generation to the next.


Buy and give our products for gifts:


Do Research

Graduate students looking for research option are encouraged to consider outcome studies for Life Model projects under development.

Leave a Legacy


The Time is Now:
The world needs Thriving

We need your help to make it happen. Read for yourself how you can help us take this life-altering, revolutionary program to churches worldwide.

Download the plan.

Become a Life Giving Donor


On-Line Giving

We now will take your gifts. You can check our on-line donations page for to make a tax deductible contribution to one of the many Life Model projects under Shepherd’s House Inc., THRIVE or Thriving Recovery. Click here.