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Life Model Topics

Thriving     (resource list)
    What do we need in order to Thrive as God intended? This is the very heart of the Life Model.

Maturity     (resource list)
    Covers the developemental stages of infant, child, adult, parent, and elder, with emphasis on the needs that must be met and the tasks that must be accomplished.

Neurotheology     (resource list)
    A discussion about whether what we know about God, body, brain, family, development and being human all fits together

Joy / Return to Joy     (resource list)
    Joy is our normal state as biological beings. This topic covers Building Joy, Returning to Joy, the value of Quiet, and Synchronization.

Control Center     (resource list)
    The main function of the brainís control system is regulating our emotions in a way that fits our identities as individual and groups of related people...

Trauma Recovery     (resource list)
    A discussion of the main types and effects of trauma, as well as the process of recovery.

Formation     (resource list)
    Learning to live from the new hearts that God gave us. How we overcome the old patterns and become the kind of people that God created us to be.

Addiction     (resource list)
    Addiction is a catastrophic failure to reach adult maturity. There are three especially sensitive tasks that, if left unfinished, will predispose a person to addictive behaviors.

Parenting / Family     (resource list)
    Using the Life Model to build healthy families and raise strong children.

Community     (resource list)