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Audio CD Resources

We have audio recordings of Thrive and Life Model events, as well as a collection of teachings on the Bible that draw from Life Model principles.
Please also visit our web store for additional CD's.

Webinar Resources  by: Jim Wilder and Ed Khouri
    Various Webinar's by Jim Wilder and Ed Khouri are available for purchase from Deeper Walk International.
Immanuel: Taking Healing to the World  by: E. James Wilder and Chris M. Coursey
    This CD is a companion to the Share Immanuel: The Healing Lifestyle booklet (available separately.)
2011 Share Immanuel Evenings Audio CDs with Dr. Jim Wilder  by: Jim Wilder
    Listen to profound teachings by Dr. Jim Wilder during each of the three open evenings of the THRIVE Track IV Share Immanuel 2011 Conference!
Jesus in Mind: Talks on Kingdom Life
    These talks were recorded live in the Challengers' Sunday School Class at PazNaz in Pasadena California where Jim talks about whatever is on his mind each week. This class of senior adults demands orthodoxy while looking for new nourishment each week. Now you can take a serving with you.
Addiction Lectures THRIVE 2007  by: Ed Khouri and Jim Wilder
    Sixteen powerful and insightful teaching lessons by Pastor Ed Khouri and Dr. Jim Wilder on the subject of Addictions. This bundle of teachings from the recent THRIVE Track IV Conference in Big Rapids, Michigan, includes two MP3 disks with a total of 16 lessons, taken from the brand new Thriving - Recover Your Life program, on how to best avoid and address addictions. Also included are the pdf PowerPoint files for the Restarting lessons. This break-through approach takes a hard look at the brainís right hemispheric control center and its role in addiction recovery and prevention.If you are in addiction recovery, a facilitator helping addicts recover or know someone fighting an addiction, you will benefit from this insightful compilation of materials. Experience meaningful teaching, discussion and helpful illustrations on the addiction-related subjects of BEEPS, addiction recovery and addiction prevention.
Manna Teachings
    Listen to Biblical teachings on life, relationships and everything else in between by Chris M. Coursey! Grab yourself a cup of coffee, a comfortable chair, sit back and listen as Chris passionately shares the Word of God and applies it to your life in a way you're not used to! You will not be disappointed as Chris preaches, teaches, prays and encourages you to become the person God has called you to be.
Steps to Joy CD  by: Jen Coursey
    The companion music CD to the Steps to Joy DVD.