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Ministry and Assessment Guides

These guides are intended to identify the current needs of people seeking growth and recovery, and also to identify the resources helpful to ministry.

(download)Needs and Tasks by Maturity Stage  by: Wilder, Poole, et al
    An excerpt from the Life Model Study Guide that shows the needs and tasks for each of the maturity stages.
(download)Infant and Child Task Checklist  by: Maribeth Poole
    A detailed list of infant and child level needs and tasks that can be checked as a personal inventory.
(download)Maturity Stage Survey  by: E James Wilder
    Checklist for maturity level tasks from the back of the revised Life Model Study Guide.
(download)Self Assessment Guide for Prayer Ministry  by: Shepherd's House
    A five-page self-assessment to be used in preparation for receiving prayer ministry.
(download)Asking Someone to Pray for You  by: Shepherd's House
    An aid to developing prayer support for your life.