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This is a collection of articles that were written to help clarify various Life Model issues not yet covered in published materials.

(download)The Theoretical Basis for the Life Model  by: E James Wilder
    A look at various models of human development with the neurological and psychological foundations of the Life Model.
(download)Life Model Introduction  by: Shepherd's House
    The elements of the Life Model and a short discription of how they developed. PDF file format.
(download)Immanuel Healing (2010 release)  by: Wilder, Coursey
    The 2010 version of Immanuel healing is summarized in this file based on the Share Immanuel booklet by Wilder and Coursey. The booklet and other resources are available from this site as well.
(download)Addictions Attachments and Thriving  by: E James Wilder, Ed Khouri
    A powerful account of how addiction hijack the brain's attachment center and replace relationships with their form of excitement. Learn how Thrive: Recover Your Life can help you. Learn about BEEPS!
(download)Diagnosing Pain From a Failure to Thrive  by: E James Wilder
    How to use the Life Model to determine the best point of intervention and resources needed for recovery.
(download)Maturity: chapter zero  by: E James Wilder
    An excerpt on Maturity from chapter zero of The Complete Guide to Living With Men
(download)Changing Motivation from Fear to Love  by: E James Wilder
    How to change our inner motivation for bonding from being fear-based to being love-based.
(download)Life Model Guidelines for Community  by: E James Wilder
    What Christian Community should look like, based on guidelines drawn from Life Model principles.
(download)Acting Like Yourself  by: Chris Coursey
    What "Actiing Like Yourself" really means. How we can live the way God made us.
(download)Dread  by: Chris Coursey
    On the nature of Dread, how to recognize it.
(download)Thriving and Synchronization  by: E James Wilder, Chris Coursey
    Why synchronization is a brain skill that needs to be trained. Synchronization is an essential and often overlooked brain skill for leaders and parents. Learn the logic behind the THRIVE training program.
(download)Going Beyond Groups Into the Kingdom  by: E James Wilder
    What it means to go beyond small groups at church and build real Kingdom Community.
(download)Thoughts On Building a Joyful Classroom  by: Elise Wilder
    Some suggestions by teacher Elise Wilder for elementary grade teachers on how to build joy in the classroom including - Ten Ingredients for a Living Classroom.
(download)Can Christians Use Imagination to See God?  by: David Takle
    There is a lot of confusion today about whether it is alright for Christians to use their imagination as part of their prayer life. This article helps to make some sense of this misunderstanding.