Life Model Links Introduction to the Life Model
    Here is the place to start if you are new to the Life Model. Here is your chance to meet the people and hear our dream.

Connect with Joy2Thrive on Facebook
    Here is the way you can meet the Life Model community on Facebook.

THRIVE Changing My Generation
    Home page for THRIVE Changing My Generation. Register for the THRIVE Conference along with maturity retreats. Discover Life Model materials and programs for churches. Pastors Chris and Jen Coursey are Life Model speakers, writers and trainers.

Thriving Recover Your life
    Home Page for Thriving Recover Your Life and applications of the Life Model to recovery from trauma and addictions. Ed Khouri directs these activities.

Immanuel Approach
    This site is designed to provide an easy access point for beginners who want to learn about the Immanuel approach.

Outsmarting Yourself
    Outsmarting Yourself will enable you to understand people in your world, including yourself, and give you realistic, psychologically sound, and Christ centered tools for becoming a joyful, life giving person with thriving relationships.

Dr. Karl and Charlotte Lehman
    The Lehmans have a wealth of recovery materials available. Dr. Lehman has carefully included Life Model concepts on neurotheology such as "limited capacity" into his excellent training videos and articles. Lehmans are the developers of the Immanuel Process widely used in the THRIVE and Thriving programs such as the "Healing" module.

Kingdom Formation
    Direction and resources for those who want to experience more of God and more of life in the Kingdom as God intended. David and Jan Takle provide support for the Forming module of Thriving Recovery Your Life that was written by David.

Ed Khouri
    Developer of the Thriving program for recovery for addictions and trauma based on the Life Model and THRIVE skills. Rev. Khouri is an internationally reconginzed teacher, leader and deloper of addiction recovery programs, curriculum and training.

Dr. Darv Smith Addictionologist
    Dr. Darv Smith teaches internationally on recovery and has been very influential in the translation of the Life Model into other languages.

Keystone Treatment Center
    Dr. Robert R. Perkinson specializes in alcoholism treatment, drug treatment, teen drug treatment, and gambling treatment. He has been treating alcoholics and addicts for over 26 years and has written the leading treatment manual for addiction counselors in the world.

De Hoop
    DeHoop addiction recovery in the Netherlands is also the publisher of the Dutch version of the Life Model and Study guide. They are in international force in addiction recovery.

New Hope For Sexual Integrity
    Darrell Brazell, boldly proclaims the hope that Jesus Christ has come to bind up the broken hearted and set the captives free. This groundbreaking recovery manual provides insights gleaned from scripture, a broad base of recovery literature, brain science and over eight years of working with individuals wrestling with the demons of lust, pornography, sexual bondage and addiction.

Restoration in Christ Ministries
    Resources created by Dr. Hawkins for trauma survivors. Tom created training material for prayer ministers that included Life Model concepts.

Ambleside Schools International.
    Ambleside Schools International represents educational reform that is quite a bit older than the Life Model but consistent with our relational and spiritual principles. Here is education designed to form the human soul and character so we can really think and learn. See applied brain science and spiritual life together.

Deeper Walk ICBC Conference Materials
    The ICBC conference has frequently featured Life Model speakers and topics. They have a good selection of Wilder and Coursey video and audio recordings. ICBC has changed their name to Deeper Walk Ministries.

Set Apart Ministries
    One of the primary goals at Set Apart Ministries is to: Encourage and support maturity in all ways within the Body of Messiah, particularly through the Life Model process and the development of covenant relationships (Ephesians 4:10-16, I Cor. 13:11). Set Apart Ministries has developed an audio teaching that applies the Life Model principles to maturity in prayer life.

    E. James Wilder, Met vreugde man zijn -- De rode draak verslagen
De beste manier om de volwassenheid van mannen te testen, is een relatie met hen aan te gaan. Helaas leert de praktijk ons dat zij hiertoe veelal niet goed in staat zijn.

Promise (Netherlands site in Dutch)
    Many Life Model and THRIVE related materials available in Dutch. Gerard Feller is often the first to translate and publish Life Model materials related to trauma recovery and maturity.

Beatitude House
    The Beatitude House utilizes many Life Model practices and strategies including the 19 relational brain skills needed to thrive. Attachment is an important part of thier work. The Beatitude House work was presented in our 2009 THRIVE track IV conference.

Barbara Moon - Handbook to Joy-Filled Parenting
    Book: Jewels for My Journey. Book: Handbook to Joy-Filled Parenting. In Jewels for My Journey, Barbara takes you from the beginning of her journey of faith where she meets Jesus Christ to a place in her adult life where Jesus heals a deep childhood wound and the disaster of divorce. As the journey unfolds, God uses jewels of wisdom from Barbara�s mentor, Dr. Jim Wilder, to lead her through what Dr. Wilder calls an identity change. In Handbook to Joy-Filled Parenting Barbara applies the Life Model's joy and maturity principles to raising children.

Carol Brown - The Mystery of Spiritual Sensitivity
    The Mystery of Spiritual Sensitivity is a book about the high sensitivity that makes it possible for you to empathize (synchronize), not only with the people around you, but with God's heart. It's a book about burden bearing�coming alongside someone who is overwhelmed and lightening their load by gong beyond physical help and moral support; there is a spiritual component.

Dr. Dallas Willard
    Dr. Willard said of the Life Model, "The Life Model is the best model I have seen for bringing Christ to the center of counseling and restoring the disintegrating community fabric within Christian Churches. Dr. Willard is a spiritual grandfather to the Life Model.

The Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance
    The Life Model and Immanuel healing provide a spiritual resource for the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance, a leading web resource for those affected by mesothelioma cancer.

Alathia Publishing
    Dr. Wilder and Dr. Smith book Keeping Your Ministry Out of Court is available through Alathia.

Quiet Waters Publishers
    Publish the Life Model maturity book Stages of a Man's Life by Wilder. They also publish the works of Walter Trobisch one of the spiritual grandfathers of the Life Model.

Desarrollo Cristiano
    Publicadores del Modelo De Vida.

YWAM Publishers Chennai India
    Publish a low cost version of the Life Model in English for Asia. For information on availablity and prices, contact the YWAM Chennai City office at 91-44-232-5819 or 91-44-232-5839 or P.O. Box 1301 St. Thomas Mount Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600 016 INDIA

12 Accede Andre Roosma (Dutch and English Site)
    Andre is an avid student and teacher of neurotheological models of recovery. His site provides study resources in English as well as Dutch (int'l) and (NL) respectively.