Life Model resources related to Trauma Recovery

Trauma Recovery  (main topic page)
    A discussion of the main types and effects of trauma, as well as the process of recovery.

Munchies Volume 20 (audio)  by:Jim Wilder
    The title “Loving” may seem a strange one for this teaching set until you realize that the topics here are the basis for the Thriving Recovery module called by the same name. This set of lessons is a great blend of the three main characteristics of the Life Model.

Immanuel: Taking Healing to the World (audio)  by:E. James Wilder and Chris M. Coursey
    This CD is a companion to the Share Immanuel: The Healing Lifestyle booklet (available separately.)

2011 Share Immanuel Evenings Audio CDs with Dr. Jim Wilder (audio)  by:Jim Wilder
    Listen to profound teachings by Dr. Jim Wilder during each of the three open evenings of the THRIVE Track IV Share Immanuel 2011 Conference!

Munchies: Kingdom Snacks (audio)  by:Jim Wilder
    Lessons on thriving: Bible stories you have heard many times but not the way Jim Wilder teaches them. You will enjoy his wonderful mix of Bible teaching and brain science.

Addiction Lectures THRIVE 2007 (audio)  by:Ed Khouri and Jim Wilder
    Sixteen powerful and insightful teaching lessons by Pastor Ed Khouri and Dr. Jim Wilder on the subject of Addictions. This bundle of teachings from the recent THRIVE Track IV Conference in Big Rapids, Michigan, includes two MP3 disks with a total of 16 lessons, taken from the brand new Thriving - Recover Your Life program, on how to best avoid and address addictions. Also included are the pdf PowerPoint files for the Restarting lessons. This break-through approach takes a hard look at the brain’s right hemispheric control center and its role in addiction recovery and prevention.If you are in addiction recovery, a facilitator helping addicts recover or know someone fighting an addiction, you will benefit from this insightful compilation of materials. Experience meaningful teaching, discussion and helpful illustrations on the addiction-related subjects of BEEPS, addiction recovery and addiction prevention.

JIMTalks Vol 28-Food and Attachment With God (audio)  by:Jim Wilder
    Both the Old and New Testaments use strong words for attachment with God that suggest we are to “glue” ourselves to God. Brain science says that joy, peace, appreciation and, oddly enough, being fed are forms of strengthening attachment. While most Life Model students are familiar with joy, peace and appreciation this volume takes us deeply into how God presents Himself as the “one who feeds us” across the Bible. When attachment goes wrong we become attached to the food instead of to the feeder. Attachment to food instead of the feeder is common in the books of Moses and the stories of Jesus. Jesus goes so far as to use food as part of healing traumatic memories. Salvation is not so much about escaping hell as about forming this new attachment with the God who feeds us. Did you ever consider that the closest thing to “milk and honey” is ice cream? When food becomes our attachment the joy is soon diminished. Learn to use your food to attach to Joy again.

First 90 Days Brochure (book)  by:Ed Khouri
    The First 90 Days is a guide to recovery for people with addictions or trauma and those who support them. An overview of the first year of recovery is included so you will know where this program leads you.

Share Immanuel (book)  by:Jim Wilder and Chris Coursey
    This 21 page, full color booklet is the simple and attractive way to share Immanuel healing with others. Share Immanuel guides you through the three simple stages of an Immanuel healing experience. You learn the best way to prepare, interact with God for healing and then retrain how your mind thinks.

The Life Model: Living from the Heart Jesus Gave You (book)  by:James G. Friesen, et. al
    Order the new 15th Anniversary Edition today! This new version now includes study questions at the end of each chapter as well as many other bonuses. The Life Model is a unifying approach to ministries of counseling, recovery, pastoral care, prayer ministry, delivereance, inner healing, child rearing, body life and health. Substance abuse recovery programs internationally are guided by the Life Model's five principles. Because the Life Model develops strong maturity, it is widely used as a church model, particularly where people must face suffering. Missions have adopted the Life Model for restoring hurt missionary children. Almost every major ministry dealing with trauma and abuse in the USA uses the Life Model as part of their teaching.

Bringing the Life Model to Life (book)  by:Koepcke, et al
    The LIFE Model Study Guide for Individuals and Groups for teaching the Life Model's five principles.

Restarting Workbook- Student Edition (book)  by:Ed Khouri
    Restarting is designed to provide a revolutionary new approach to recovery from trauma, addictions and character issues. In the Restarting sutdent workbook you receive: notes on twelve weeks of teaching, over 500 PowerPoint slides, training instructions to replace missing brain skills, weekly exercises that use almost two thirds of the class time applying what you learned that day, worksheets for participants to fill out and use, and exercises for an additional 24 group sessions for those who want more. This 160-page workbook gives step-by-step instructions for brain training exercises that build joy, recovery and relationship skills. Restarting is the first module in the Thriving: Recover Your Life program – an innovative and comprehensive training program for two groups: 1) people with addictions and trauma and 2) those seeking discipleship in joy, maturity and the skills to thrive.

Restarting Brochure (book)  by:Khouri/Wilder
    Publicizing your Restarting group starts with a good brochure. Here is all the information you need in packets of 50. Just add you local contact information and spread the word.

The Red Dragon Cast Down (book)  by:E James Wilder
    A Redemptive Approach to the Occult and Satanism.

The Life Model: Spanish Edition (book)  by:James G. Friesen,
    This is a Spanish translation of the Life Model.

The Life Model: Korean Edition (book)  by:James G. Friesen,
    This is a Korean translation of the Life Model.

Le Modele Vie (book)  by:Friesen et al
    Life Model and Study Guide in French.

Resource CD (CD)  by:Wilder, Coursey et al
    The essential presentation resources for introducing THRIVE concepts to you group or church. Eight PowerPoint presentations, and other resources.

Restarting Prepaid Student License and Videos (video)  by:Ed Khouri
    Restarting includes all the materials you need to form and run a Restarting group. Restarting is one of the entry points to the Connexus/Thriving Recover Your Life program. All training is included with this price.

Introduction to the Life Model (video)  by:Jim Wilder
    Five lectures by Dr. Jim Wilder plus the Future of Recovery by Ed Khouri. This amazing four DVD set answers your questions about the theology, philosophy, brain science, developers and applications for the Life Model. Now here are the answers in a low-key lecture format and no hype! You get Jim Wilder answering like he would if you invited him into your living room for private lessons on the Life Model and thriving. You also meet Dr. Karl Lehman, Chris and Jen Coursey, Ed Khouri, Pastor Darrell Brazell and see where you and your church fit.

Belonging Institutional Training License (video)  by: Ed Khouri
    All materials needed to run Belonging groups and train facilitators are included under the Institutional Training (IT) license. The IT license package includes the full set of all Belonging program exercises, lectures necessary worksheets. Each of the 12 sessions is on its own DVD along with the facilitator training materials that apply to that specific lesson. There are 12 DVDs in the set. Prerequisites for Belonging are: Restarting or Forming

Restarting Institutional Training License (video)  by:E James Wilder, Ed Khouri
    All materials needed to run Restarting groups and train facilitators are included under the Institutional Training (IT) license. The IT license package includes the full set of all Restarting program exercises, lectures and Immanuel process demonstration videos. Each of the 12 sessions is on its own DVD along with the facilitator training materials that apply to that specific lesson. There are 12 DVDs in the set.

Preview Restarting: Join The Revolution Of Hope! (video)  by:E James Wilder, Ed Khouri
    Preview Restarting: Join the revolution of hope! Learn the three unique features of Thriving: Recover Your Life and how they develop missing brain skills, healing and community for people in recovery. Presentations are designed to answer your questions about Thriving and the Restarting unit - or present Thriving to your leadership.

Restarting Quick Start Student License Video (video)  by:Ed Khouri
    This four DVD set of lessons and exercises was filmed in beautiful nature settings and provides almost seven hours (6:52) of life-changing instruction for the 12 weekly sessions of Restarting. Restarting is one of the entry points of the Connexus/Thriving: Recover Your Life program. Restarting offers new hope for those suffering from painful attachments, weakened relationships, spiritual dryness, trauma, abuse, or addictions. The Quick Start Student License has additional purchases required over the course of a year.

Restarting Facilitator Training Video (video)  by:Ed Khouri
    “Facilitators, experience the joy for yourselves. Don’t miss your own healing. Learn the skills that changed my life and family!” These are Ed Khouri’s themes in the completed Restarting Facilitators Training DVD. Experience the vision, the process and the results with Ed as he demonstrates 20 different exercises used in Restarting. Many examples include watching Ed lead groups through the activities as well as explain to facilitators what to watch for and how to guide. Ed stresses time after time that facilitators must practice and experience these exercises to experience joyful recovery in their own lives.

Immanuel, Emotional Healing, & Capacity (video)  by:Dr. Karl Lehman
    Essential teaching on trauma recovery using the Life Model concepts of limited capacity. Dr. Lehman shares spiritual ways to overcome some limitations of the brain's control center during healing.

Bonding and Dissociation 3 DVD Set (video)  by:E James Wilder
    These breakthrough presentations by Dr. Jim Wilder brought the “decade of the brain” and the work of Dr. Allan Schore to the trauma recovery field. It was obvious from that point on that Dissociation and Borderline disorders both arose from trauma, however dissociation could happen in one generation while borderline required two generations of trauma. The implications for treatment and recovery are spelled out in these three videos. The principles outlined in these three DVDs have become central to the 19 personality formation skills taught at the THRIVE Changing My Generation Conference. These Live Model principles also form the backbone of the Thriving Recover Your Live program for traumas and addictions.

El Gozo de Cristo en las Vidas Traumatizadas (video)  by:E James Wilder
    2004 Conference Video

Wired for Relationship (video)  by:Ed Khouri
    Watch the best introduction and overview of the approach that Thriving is using for addiction! Filmed live at the Share Immanuel Conference April 2011.

Thriving and Synchronization (article)  by: E James Wilder, Chris Coursey
    Why synchronization is a brain skill that needs to be trained. Synchronization is an essential and often overlooked brain skill for leaders and parents. Learn the logic behind the THRIVE training program.

Immanuel Healing (2010 release) (article)  by: Wilder, Coursey
    The 2010 version of Immanuel healing is summarized in this file based on the Share Immanuel booklet by Wilder and Coursey. The booklet and other resources are available from this site as well.

TERROR. (article)  by: Chris Coursey
    El Terror o pavor y como enfrentarlo.

Self Assessment Guide for Prayer Ministry (assessment)  by: Shepherd\'s House
    A five-page self-assessment to be used in preparation for receiving prayer ministry.

Christian Community Based Care (confmtl)  by: E James Wilder
    A model of what care should look like in a Christian Community first presented to the Christian Society for Healing Dissociative Disorders in 1996.

Bonding and Dissociation Handout (confmtl)  by: E James Wilder
    This handout goes with the Bonding and Dissociation three DVD set. To find the DVD set check materials or shopping.

Immanuel Healing Diagram (diagram)  by: Jim Wilder & Chris Coursey
    Shows the three chairs in relation to the "God's Hill of Awareness" and shows how we can best interact with God for healing.

A Six Step Process for Resolving Traumas (handout)  by: E James Wilder
    A two page summary of Version 1 of the six-step process used to resolve traumas. See the newer version under Share Immanuel.

Fear Bonds and Love Bonds In Families and Cults (handout)  by: E James Wilder
    A discussion of fear bonds and love bonds in families, churches, and cults.

Five to Thrive (handout)  by: E James Wilder
    Summary handout for the Five to Thrive presentation at Cornerstone in Canada.

Four Plus Levels of Synchronization (handout)  by: E James Wilder
    A one-page chart of the five levels of brain synchronization and the kinds of pain produced when synchronization fails. This diagram fits the five to thrive part of the Life Model.

Conflict Resolution Through Mindsight And Godsight (handout)  by: E James Wilder
    One page summary of how mindsight and Godsight aid in healthy conflict resolution

Mature Identity Resource Guide (handout)  by: Jim Martini
    Bibliography of resources to assist development of a muture (level 4) identity, broken down into several categories.

Thriving: Recover Your Life Brochure (other)
    Brochure describing the Thriving: Recover Your Life courses.

The Life Model: Russian edition (other)  by: E James Wilder, et. al.
    This is the Russian translation of The Life Model book. Since we are unable to secure a publisher at the present time, we are allowing readers to download a copy for free. Please do not alter the document in any way.

Vom Trauma zur Freude - German (other)  by: Wilder/Pomrehn
    PDF File of slides on Return to Joy from Trauma (821 KB download) by Joachim Pomrehn.

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