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Formation  (main topic page)
    Learning to live from the new hearts that God gave us. How we overcome the old patterns and become the kind of people that God created us to be.

Munchies: Kingdom Snacks (audio)  by:Jim Wilder
    Lessons on thriving: Bible stories you have heard many times but not the way Jim Wilder teaches them. You will enjoy his wonderful mix of Bible teaching and brain science.

Munchies Free (audio)  by:Jim Wilder
    Special lessons of importance to the Life Model students are provided free of charge. Find out about current topics of interest and historical moments.

Addiction Lectures THRIVE 2007 (audio)  by:Ed Khouri and Jim Wilder
    Sixteen powerful and insightful teaching lessons by Pastor Ed Khouri and Dr. Jim Wilder on the subject of Addictions. This bundle of teachings from the recent THRIVE Track IV Conference in Big Rapids, Michigan, includes two MP3 disks with a total of 16 lessons, taken from the brand new Thriving - Recover Your Life program, on how to best avoid and address addictions. Also included are the pdf PowerPoint files for the Restarting lessons. This break-through approach takes a hard look at the brain’s right hemispheric control center and its role in addiction recovery and prevention.If you are in addiction recovery, a facilitator helping addicts recover or know someone fighting an addiction, you will benefit from this insightful compilation of materials. Experience meaningful teaching, discussion and helpful illustrations on the addiction-related subjects of BEEPS, addiction recovery and addiction prevention.

JIMTalks Food and Attachment With God (audio)  by:Jim Wilder
    Food was made to help us attach with God and with the people who feed us. This 80-minute talk by Dr. Jim Wilder explains how we become attached to the food instead of the feeder – like Adam and Eve and the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. And how Jesus uses food to resolve traumas by restoring relationship. There has long been a question of whether Jesus resolved psychological traumas and how He did it. Without understanding the link between food, comfort eating and attachment we have long missed understanding Jesus in action. If you struggle with food cravings, comfort eating, poor relationships or traumas this is a lesson you should not miss

JIMTalks Vol 28-Food and Attachment With God (audio)  by:Jim Wilder
    Both the Old and New Testaments use strong words for attachment with God that suggest we are to “glue” ourselves to God. Brain science says that joy, peace, appreciation and, oddly enough, being fed are forms of strengthening attachment. While most Life Model students are familiar with joy, peace and appreciation this volume takes us deeply into how God presents Himself as the “one who feeds us” across the Bible. When attachment goes wrong we become attached to the food instead of to the feeder. Attachment to food instead of the feeder is common in the books of Moses and the stories of Jesus. Jesus goes so far as to use food as part of healing traumatic memories. Salvation is not so much about escaping hell as about forming this new attachment with the God who feeds us. Did you ever consider that the closest thing to “milk and honey” is ice cream? When food becomes our attachment the joy is soon diminished. Learn to use your food to attach to Joy again.

Joy Starts Here: the transformation zone (book)  by:Jim Wilder, Ed Khouri, Chris Coursey and S. Sutton
    Joy. From the moment we’re born we search for it but always seem to come away empty. What is it? How can we get it? Is it even possible?

The Life Model: Living from the Heart Jesus Gave You (book)  by:James G. Friesen, et. al
    Order the new 15th Anniversary Edition today! This new version now includes study questions at the end of each chapter as well as many other bonuses. The Life Model is a unifying approach to ministries of counseling, recovery, pastoral care, prayer ministry, delivereance, inner healing, child rearing, body life and health. Substance abuse recovery programs internationally are guided by the Life Model's five principles. Because the Life Model develops strong maturity, it is widely used as a church model, particularly where people must face suffering. Missions have adopted the Life Model for restoring hurt missionary children. Almost every major ministry dealing with trauma and abuse in the USA uses the Life Model as part of their teaching.

Bringing the Life Model to Life (book)  by:Koepcke, et al
    The LIFE Model Study Guide for Individuals and Groups for teaching the Life Model's five principles.

Whispers of my Abba (book)  by:David Takle
    Whispers of my Abba was written to those who would like to know how to hear God's voice and to those who are having difficulty. While we would all prefer to have a personal mentor to show us how to listen to God, this is about as close as you can get on the printed page. This book will show you how to listen to the Spirit of God and develop a conversational prayer life that will change forever your relationship to God

The Truth About Lies And Lies About Truth (book)  by:David Takle
    A fresh new approach to renewing the mind that does not depend on willpower and self-effort to produce change. This book is densely packed with insights on how to internalize Truth and how the misuse of Truth actually makes life harder.

Forming: A Work of Grace (book)  by:David Takle
    One of the most comprehensive and accessible books on Christian Formation.

The Life Model: Spanish Edition (book)  by:James G. Friesen,
    This is a Spanish translation of the Life Model.

Forming Student Workbook (book)  by:David Takle
    Forming is designed to help people move away from performance-driven efforts to live the Christian life and demonstrates how to develop a relationship with God that has enough substance to change us from the inside out. The Forming Student Workbook contains all of the session introductions, presentations notes, and exercises needed to help the participant fully experience what Forming has to offer. It also has many relevant articles on spiritual development as well as personal articles from the author about the material.

Forming Group Facilitator Workbook (book)  by:David Takle
    The Facilitator’s workbook contains all the material from the Student Workbook, along with comprehensive notes on how to lead the sessions, suggestions for group discussions, and how to introduce the exercises. There are also many helpful notes regarding the goals for each session, how to keep the sessions on target, and how to deal with common issues that present themselves.

Introduction to the Life Model (video)  by:Jim Wilder
    Five lectures by Dr. Jim Wilder plus the Future of Recovery by Ed Khouri. This amazing four DVD set answers your questions about the theology, philosophy, brain science, developers and applications for the Life Model. Now here are the answers in a low-key lecture format and no hype! You get Jim Wilder answering like he would if you invited him into your living room for private lessons on the Life Model and thriving. You also meet Dr. Karl Lehman, Chris and Jen Coursey, Ed Khouri, Pastor Darrell Brazell and see where you and your church fit.

Belonging Institutional Training License (video)  by: Ed Khouri
    All materials needed to run Belonging groups and train facilitators are included under the Institutional Training (IT) license. The IT license package includes the full set of all Belonging program exercises, lectures necessary worksheets. Each of the 12 sessions is on its own DVD along with the facilitator training materials that apply to that specific lesson. There are 12 DVDs in the set. Prerequisites for Belonging are: Restarting or Forming

Preview Restarting: Join The Revolution Of Hope! (video)  by:E James Wilder, Ed Khouri
    Preview Restarting: Join the revolution of hope! Learn the three unique features of Thriving: Recover Your Life and how they develop missing brain skills, healing and community for people in recovery. Presentations are designed to answer your questions about Thriving and the Restarting unit - or present Thriving to your leadership.

Forming Personal License Video (video)  by:David Takle
    If you are looking for a personal resource that will help you develop an authentic relationship with God – this Personal License version of the 12 lessons taught by David Takle might be for you. You might want to consider purchasing your own Forming Participant Workbook which includes provocative questions and exercises in the workbook that will give you a deepened and recorded journey of the time spent with God.

Forming Quick Start Student License and Videos (video)  by:David Takle
    Forming offers new hope for individuals who desire to deepen their personal relationship with God. This course is an entry point to Connexus/Thriving Recover Your Life and aims to ignite a passion for a personal relationship with Jesus for participants and to provide the necessary guidance and opportunities for people to experience God more fully. *additional training required with this license

Forming Prepaid Student License and Video (video)  by:David Takle
    Forming offers new hope for individuals who desire to deepen their personal relationship with God. This course is an entry point to Connexus/Thriving Recover Your Life and aims to ignite a passion for a personal relationship with Jesus for participants and to provide the necessary guidance and opportunities for people to experience God more fully. *additional training INCLUDED with this license

Forming Facilitator Training DVD (video)  by:David Takle
    Facilitators will benefit from training that will change them as they prepare to serve other. The Forming Facilitator Training Video includes two DVD’s.

Roeien of Zeilen (article)  by: David Takle
    This is the Dutch translation of David's article, "Rowing or Sailing?" which is a metaphor used to describe the means by which we develop spiritually.

Can Christians Use Imagination to See God? (article)  by: David Takle
    There is a lot of confusion today about whether it is alright for Christians to use their imagination as part of their prayer life. This article helps to make some sense of this misunderstanding.

Rowing or Sailing? (article)  by: David Takle
    Christian Formation is vastly different from Traditional Discipleship programs. The comparison between sailing and rowing makes a good metaphor to describe the significance of that difference.

Intentional Spiritual Growth (confmtl)  by: David Takle
    Handout on Spiritual Development and Transformation as seen from the perspective of Life Model principles and what we know of Christian Formation (changing our character from the inside out)

Immanuel Healing Diagram (diagram)  by: Jim Wilder & Chris Coursey
    Shows the three chairs in relation to the "God's Hill of Awareness" and shows how we can best interact with God for healing.

Who Am I? (handout)  by: Maribeth Poole
    A short contemplative piece on internalizing our true identity

A Model for Conversational Prayer (handout)  by: David Takle
    This is a brief description of how to develop a conversational prayer life, where the Holy Spirit can mentor us in life.

God Speaks! (handout)  by: David Takle
    A list of verses showing clearly that God speaks to his people.

Lectio Divina (handout)  by: the Desert Fathers
    An ancient practice of allowing the Spirit of God reveal Scripture to us

Maturity Needs and Tasks (handout)
    Table showing needs and tasks at each stage of maturity. Summarized from The Complete Guide to Living With Men.

Forming Brochure (other)
    PDF version of the Forming brochure.

Thriving: Recover Your Life Brochure (other)
    Brochure describing the Thriving: Recover Your Life courses.

The Life Model: Russian edition (other)  by: E James Wilder, et. al.
    This is the Russian translation of The Life Model book. Since we are unable to secure a publisher at the present time, we are allowing readers to download a copy for free. Please do not alter the document in any way.

Christian Formation (other)  by: David Takle
    This is an abbreviated version of a PowerPoint presentation on Christian Formation (how to form Christian character).

Überwinden - German (other)  by: Wilder/Pomrehn
    PDF File of slides on Identity (153 KB download) by Joachim Pomrehn.

Welcome to Forming (ppt)  by: Kim Specker and David Takle
    This is a PDF of the PowerPoint presentation used in in the Orientation Webinar on May 14, 2012.

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