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    The main function of the brain�s control system is regulating our emotions in a way that fits our identities as individual and groups of related people...

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Munchies Volume 19 (audio)  by:Jim Wilder
    Western Christianity has been deeply influenced by two factors: 1) medieval psychology that is no longer believed by anyone but was used to form theology and, 2) Voluntarist philosophy makes "choices" and "right thinking" the solutions to all human and spiritual problems. Voluntarist philosophy and medieval psychology have had an intense effect on how the Bible has been translated into English and no where is this more obvious than when the Bible speaks of the human body. In this series Wilder looks at the functions of the 10th cranial nerve that controls our relationship functions and bodies and reveals some surprising truths about what our bodies tell us about God and relationships.

Munchies: Kingdom Snacks (audio)  by:Jim Wilder
    Lessons on thriving: Bible stories you have heard many times but not the way Jim Wilder teaches them. You will enjoy his wonderful mix of Bible teaching and brain science.

JIMTalks Food and Attachment With God (audio)  by:Jim Wilder
    Food was made to help us attach with God and with the people who feed us. This 80-minute talk by Dr. Jim Wilder explains how we become attached to the food instead of the feeder � like Adam and Eve and the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. And how Jesus uses food to resolve traumas by restoring relationship. There has long been a question of whether Jesus resolved psychological traumas and how He did it. Without understanding the link between food, comfort eating and attachment we have long missed understanding Jesus in action. If you struggle with food cravings, comfort eating, poor relationships or traumas this is a lesson you should not miss

JIMTalks Vol 28-Food and Attachment With God (audio)  by:Jim Wilder
    Both the Old and New Testaments use strong words for attachment with God that suggest we are to �glue� ourselves to God. Brain science says that joy, peace, appreciation and, oddly enough, being fed are forms of strengthening attachment. While most Life Model students are familiar with joy, peace and appreciation this volume takes us deeply into how God presents Himself as the �one who feeds us� across the Bible. When attachment goes wrong we become attached to the food instead of to the feeder. Attachment to food instead of the feeder is common in the books of Moses and the stories of Jesus. Jesus goes so far as to use food as part of healing traumatic memories. Salvation is not so much about escaping hell as about forming this new attachment with the God who feeds us. Did you ever consider that the closest thing to �milk and honey� is ice cream? When food becomes our attachment the joy is soon diminished. Learn to use your food to attach to Joy again.

The Life Model: Living from the Heart Jesus Gave You (book)  by:James G. Friesen, et. al
    Order the new 15th Anniversary Edition today! This new version now includes study questions at the end of each chapter as well as many other bonuses. The Life Model is a unifying approach to ministries of counseling, recovery, pastoral care, prayer ministry, delivereance, inner healing, child rearing, body life and health. Substance abuse recovery programs internationally are guided by the Life Model's five principles. Because the Life Model develops strong maturity, it is widely used as a church model, particularly where people must face suffering. Missions have adopted the Life Model for restoring hurt missionary children. Almost every major ministry dealing with trauma and abuse in the USA uses the Life Model as part of their teaching.

Bringing the Life Model to Life (book)  by:Koepcke, et al
    The LIFE Model Study Guide for Individuals and Groups for teaching the Life Model's five principles.

Restarting Brochure (book)  by:Khouri/Wilder
    Publicizing your Restarting group starts with a good brochure. Here is all the information you need in packets of 50. Just add you local contact information and spread the word.

Basic Thrive Skills (book)  by:Chris and Jen Coursey
    Skill practice guides with exercises for a full year go with the THRIVE training provided at the THRIVE Conferences.

Basic Thrive Skills -- Year 1 (book)  by:Wilder, Chris & Jen Coursey
    This guide and its exercises covers all the skills trained the first year and begins the preparation for the skills taught second year at the THRIVE Conference.

Intermediate Thrive Skills -- Year 2 (book)  by:Wilder, Chris & Jen Coursey
    This guide and its exercises covers all the skills taught second year at the THRIVE Conference. Use these exercises with the bonded partner you took to THRIVE or to help members of your family or small group learn the skills with you.

Resource CD (CD)  by:Wilder, Coursey et al
    The essential presentation resources for introducing THRIVE concepts to you group or church. Eight PowerPoint presentations, and other resources.

Introduction to the Life Model (video)  by:Jim Wilder
    Five lectures by Dr. Jim Wilder plus the Future of Recovery by Ed Khouri. This amazing four DVD set answers your questions about the theology, philosophy, brain science, developers and applications for the Life Model. Now here are the answers in a low-key lecture format and no hype! You get Jim Wilder answering like he would if you invited him into your living room for private lessons on the Life Model and thriving. You also meet Dr. Karl Lehman, Chris and Jen Coursey, Ed Khouri, Pastor Darrell Brazell and see where you and your church fit.

Restarting Quick Start Student License Video (video)  by:Ed Khouri
    This four DVD set of lessons and exercises was filmed in beautiful nature settings and provides almost seven hours (6:52) of life-changing instruction for the 12 weekly sessions of Restarting. Restarting is one of the entry points of the Connexus/Thriving: Recover Your Life program. Restarting offers new hope for those suffering from painful attachments, weakened relationships, spiritual dryness, trauma, abuse, or addictions. The Quick Start Student License has additional purchases required over the course of a year.

Immanuel, Emotional Healing, & Capacity (video)  by:Dr. Karl Lehman
    Essential teaching on trauma recovery using the Life Model concepts of limited capacity. Dr. Lehman shares spiritual ways to overcome some limitations of the brain's control center during healing.

El Gozo de Cristo en las Vidas Traumatizadas (video)  by:E James Wilder
    2004 Conference Video

Relational Brain Circuits DVD (video)  by:Jim Wilder
    Relational Brain Circuits DVD $12.00 A Workshop from the 2010 Deeper Walk Conference: Our minds and brains are designed for a world where everything is in �shalom.� This workshop will explore how joyful capacity helps us experience shalom and what happens to our brain circuitry when trauma disrupts the normal process of development.

Wired for Relationship (video)  by:Ed Khouri
    Watch the best introduction and overview of the approach that Thriving is using for addiction! Filmed live at the Share Immanuel Conference April 2011.

Thriving and Synchronization (article)  by: E James Wilder, Chris Coursey
    Why synchronization is a brain skill that needs to be trained. Synchronization is an essential and often overlooked brain skill for leaders and parents. Learn the logic behind the THRIVE training program.

Diagnosing Pain From a Failure to Thrive (article)  by: E James Wilder
    How to use the Life Model to determine the best point of intervention and resources needed for recovery.

Dread (article)  by: Chris Coursey
    On the nature of Dread, how to recognize it.

Diagnosticando el Sufrimiento (article)  by: E James Wilder
    How to use the Life Model to determine the best point of intervention and resources needed for recovery.

Cambiando Miedo al Amor (article)  by: E James Wilder
    How to change our inner motivation for bonding from being fear-based to being love-based.

Pain Lab (confmtl)  by: E James Wilder
    A learning laboratory for effectively dealing with pain.

Bonding and Dissociation Handout (confmtl)  by: E James Wilder
    This handout goes with the Bonding and Dissociation three DVD set. To find the DVD set check materials or shopping.

Right Brain 4-Level Control Center (diagram)
    Shows the 4-level control center with each level color coded.

Brain Diagrams (Spanish version) (diagram)
    Brain diagrams with Spanish labels

Sequence of Brain Processing (diagram)  by: Maribeth Poole
    A diagram of how the emotional brain processes experiences through all 5 levels.

Five to Thrive (handout)  by: E James Wilder
    Summary handout for the Five to Thrive presentation at Cornerstone in Canada.

Telling a Four-Plus Story (handout)  by: E James Wilder
    List of components for a good 4+ story

Four Plus Levels of Synchronization (handout)  by: E James Wilder
    A one-page chart of the five levels of brain synchronization and the kinds of pain produced when synchronization fails. This diagram fits the five to thrive part of the Life Model.

Thriving: Recover Your Life Brochure (other)
    Brochure describing the Thriving: Recover Your Life courses.

The Life Model: Russian edition (other)  by: E James Wilder, et. al.
    This is the Russian translation of The Life Model book. Since we are unable to secure a publisher at the present time, we are allowing readers to download a copy for free. Please do not alter the document in any way.

Restarting Product Catalog (other)  by: Ed Khouri
    Complete 16 page catalog of all Restarting resources and how they can be helpful to your organization.

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