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Posted: 2013-07-04
A dear friend of mine, Star, had learned the IP (Immanuel Prayer). I called her one day for help b/c I was "stuck" n' overwhelmed about cleaning the junk in my garage. (I have hoarder issues and was very embarrassed.) However, she told me to go sit in the middle of the garage n we were going to do some praying! LOL Looong story short, I had a really hard time even "allowing" Jesus into the picture due to my shame. But in the end, I saw n 'heard' what Jesus had to say about my situation n I was dumbfounded and amazed! Praise God, my feelings totally changed n I was able to clean out the garage!! I will never forget that day and what He did for me!! I often think back to that day and KNOW Jesus is near and he cares without scolding me! That day still encourages me! Thank You Jesus!! This was even MORE helpful, faster n more thorough than most of my years of professional counseling!! I've prayed with friends in the same way to help them with some of their major issues n' the results have been equally amazing! Jim, Thank you so much for that teaching! :)
---Lynnie  Greenville, SC

Posted: 2010-12-08
Share Immanuel booklet is helping me in my healing journey. It is helpful for me to connect with Jesus first before going into the hurt or memory. In other Healing Prayer situations, even though I know that Jesus is there in that hurt or memory....I haven't been able to see Jesus and that makes the hurt or memory more painful!
---CEG  Colorado Springs, CO

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