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Introduction to the Life Model

Author: Jim Wilder
Published: Shepherd's House  Oct 14, 2010
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THRIVE Lecture Series

Introduction to the Life Model

Five lectures by Dr. Jim Wilder plus the Future of Recovery by Ed Khouri. This amazing four DVD set answers your questions about the theology, philosophy, brain science, developers and applications for the Life Model.

Now here are the answers in a low-key lecture format and no hype! You get Jim Wilder answering like he would if you invited him into your living room for private lessons on the Life Model and thriving.

You also meet Dr. Karl Lehman, Chris and Jen Coursey, Ed Khouri, Pastor Darrell Brazell and see where you and your church fit.

Here is what you get:

Six lectures on four DVDs.

•	Principles that created the unique blend in the Life Model.
•	What is causing Western Christianity to loose its power to change character and what you can do about it? 
•	How do we train the brain’s control center to overcome stress? 
•	What are the 19 relational brain skills and how are they trained.
•	How does training change the brain differently from what learning does to it?
•	How do we put the missing maturity and relational skills back into our communities?
•	Leadership 

Give a gift to a ministry, leader or family friend. This is your chance to open their minds to joy, Immanuel healing, relational skills, multigenerational community, recovery and stronger families and bonds.


Video 1 Principles
•	Three Features
•	Immanuel Lifestyle
•	Brain Skills
•	Thriving Recovery
•	Wilder and Joy 

Video 2 Philosophy
•	Voluntarist Philosophy
•	Medieval Psychology	
•	Control Center
•	Memory Processing
•	Life Model and Christianity 

Video 3 Training the RH
•	Training the Control Center
•	Left Brain Training
•	Hopeful Daughters
•	Capacity
•	Recovering Capacity 

Video 4 19 Skills
•	Track One Skills
•	Track Two Skills
•	Track Three Skills
•	Chris and Jen Coursey
•	THRIVE and Thriving 

Video 5 Leadership
•	Two Kinds of Leadership
•	Right Hemisphere Training
•	Introducing the Life Model in you church
•	Thriving Recovery
•	The Future of Recovery with Ed Khouri 

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