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Banana Baseball

Author: E James Wilder
Published:   Jan 1, 2005
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Banana Baseball

It was a blazingly hot day and the director of photography was throwing up sick the day Banana Baseball was filmed. The project started when Dr. Jim Wilder was invited to address a recovery institute but was already booked for training elsewhere. The federal government was revising the guidelines for addiction prevention, recovery and recovery support. The head of the institute was an advisor to the feds and requested that Wilder record a video with the information needed for both the conference and to show the government.

Hiring a Southern California crew meant creativity broke loose. Everyone wanted to make the points interesting rather than doing the same old “talking head” in front of a staged audience. The resulting plan took the crew to baseball diamonds around Pasadena where they filmed using a wide angle lens and a camera-in-the-face similar to the nature shows by the Australian “Crocodile Hunter” Steve Irwin who died tragically a few years later. The results are one of the more memorable brain and addiction lectures you are likely to see.

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