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Restarting Prepaid Student License and Videos

Author: Ed Khouri
Published: Shepherd's House  Mar 31, 2008
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Includes the Restarting DVD set (described below), Joy the Revolution of Hope DVD, 10 Restarting brochures, 1 Restarting Facilitator Workbook and the 12 module training sessions..

Student may run the program as soon as they have started training and may charge attendees to help recover the cost of training. In order to convert the license to a facilitator license.

1. One student must complete Connexus overview training

2. One student must complete the 12 module training sessions

3. One student must attend one of the qualifying in person skills training event

This four DVD set of lessons and exercises was filmed in beautiful nature settings and provides almost seven hours (6:52) of life-changing instruction for the 12 weekly sessions of Restarting. Restarting is the first module of the Connexus for thriving community program. Restarting offers new hope for those suffering from painful attachments, weakened relationships, spiritual dryness, trauma, abuse, or addictions.

The Restarting Student License Video is designed to work with the Restarting Workbook, the, Banana Baseball DVD and Join the revolution of hope! DVD to provide a new future for recovery.

Restarting: A revolutionary solution-based approach for building joy, receiving inner healing, and developing life-giving relationships. Advancing beyond traditional treatment, current support group methods, and secular or spiritual approaches to recovery, Restarting offers hope for those that have tried other approaches and still feel hurt, empty, alone, and ashamed of their struggles and behaviors. Restart your recovery for the first time!

Week 1 Train Your Brain for Change!

Week 2 The 2 Skills Your Brain Can’t Live Without

Week 3 Calming Our Painful Emotions

Week 4 Strategies That Keep You Stuck

Week 5 Healthy Relationships

Week 6 Painful Relationships

Week 7 Toxic Relationships

Week 8 Trauma, Hope and Recovery

Week 9 Leaving Co-Dependency Behind

Week 10 Attachments That Kill: How Addictions Re-wire Your Brain

Week 11 Recovering Our Lost Identity

Week 12 The Blueprint for a New You!

Brain retraining, Immanuel healing, Christian community and discipleship training.

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