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Restarting Facilitator Training Video

Author: Ed Khouri
Published: Shepherd's House  Jun 9, 2008
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“Facilitators, experience the joy for yourselves. Don’t miss your own healing. Learn the skills that changed my life and family!” These are Ed Khouri’s themes in the completed Restarting Facilitators Training DVD. Learn how God raised Ed out of a wheelchair after 10 years of disability to lead this vision and train people across the world. Listen as he pours out how God changed his life, heart and mind so he could be full of joy and strength. Learn how these principles and the joy God has with us form the basis for Restarting with explicit examples of how to do each of the exercises. Ed stresses time after time that facilitators must practice and experience these exercises to experience joyful recovery in their own lives.

“Information does not change people!” Ed declares emphatically in the introduction. Experience the vision, the process and the results with Ed as he demonstrates 20 different exercises used in Restarting. Many examples include watching Ed lead groups through the activities as well as explain to facilitators what to watch for and how to guide. Starting with the first segment, you will experience Ed’s passion for the changed lives of facilitators themselves. No more “white knuckles”, no more “fake it ‘til you make it”, no more “treading water” to stay alive. It is time to thrive and experience the joy!

Ed has presented the case for change in how we do recovery. The current 25-30% success rate is just not enough. Now the world is asking for the vision Ed brings and the model that has changed his life and family – and he has responded by sharing his vision and passion for life-transforming recovery with ministry leaders and workers from over 40 nations from every inhabited continent in just the past year alone. Ed is now receiving more international training requests than he can possibly manage!

If we keep training recovery leaders to do the same things that produced the current results, Ed tells us, we will continue to get the current results. Now is the time for a new generation of recovery leaders to be raised up who carry the passion to help men and women suffering from addiction, trauma, abuse, spiritual dryness and painful relationships develop life-transforming relationships with God – and with joyful recovery communities across the world. Ed believes that it’s time for you, and the hurting men and women that you serve, to experience the power of a joyful recovery!

Without training that changes you, where will you – and the people you serve – be?

Restarting Facilitator Training DVD Package contains:

  1. Two DVDs
  2. 22 Teaching Segments
  3. 12 Group Examples
  4. Ed’s vision for the future of recovery

This complete version includes specific instructions for over 20 exercises used in Restarting may with demonstrations using group participants.

  1. Introduction for Facilitators
  2. The Future of Recovery
  3. Session 1 Introduction
  4. Session 2-1 Appreciation
  5. Session 2-2 Relax Breathe
  6. Session 3-1 Synchronized Walking
  7. Session 3-2 Negative Emotions
  8. Session 4 Four Plus Joy Stories
  9. Session 5-1 Attachment Pain in Pop Music
  10. Session 5-2 Attachment Pain Hurts
  11. Session 5-3 Attachment Pain and BEEPS
  12. Session 6-1 Dismissive Attachment
  13. Session 6-2 Distracted Attachment
  14. Session 6-3 Optional Exercise
  15. Session 7-1 Disorganized Attachment
  16. Session 7-2 Immanuel One
  17. Session 8 Immanuel Two
  18. Session 9 Optional Exercise
  19. Session 11-1 New Beginning
  20. Session 11-2 Scripture Meditation
  21. Session 12 Maturity Assessment

The Restarting Facilitator Training DVD Package is discounted as part of the Restarting Open Group License Kit. This kit purchase includes consultation time with Ed and Maritza Khouri’s team. Facilitators should consider attending facilitator events and keep informed by checking and signing up for a newsletter.

The Restarting Facilitator Training DVD Package materials are included in the Institutional/Training License materials and do not need to be purchased separately under that license.

Restarting facilitators are strongly advised to make use of the THRIVE training to learn, practice and develop the 19 brain skills that Ed refers to in this training package. The Belonging Module that is part of your Thriving Recover Your Life program fulfills the entrance requirements for THRIVE Changing My Generation training. For details on where and when THRIVE training is available check for details. Most people are shocked to find that the training takes three whole weeks, three years of doing exercises and at least one practice partner to work out the brain skill exercises each week for those three years. Yet, if you were going to learn to play an instrument, learn a foreign language or become a great golfer you would soon realize that the brain does not acquire skills cheaply. When you have tried the things that come easily and cheaply then come to THRIVE and experience the joy.

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