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Steps To Joy

Author: Jen Coursey
Published: Shepherd's House Inc.  Feb 15, 2006
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Steps to Joy
By Jen Coursey
©2006 Jen Coursey
Published by Shepherd’s House Inc.

71 minutes of program material.

Behind the scenes with Steps to Joy

We were not actually looking for a great way to build brain synchronization skills when we started with what is called Davidic dancing. What made this dance appealing is that it was uniformly strange for all the participants, non-sexual and not threatening. It also avoided setting off any number of religious objections. We expected to find great resistance at our THRIVE conferences but, other than having to drag Chris Coursey into it each time, we have been greeted by excitement instead. One of the best ways to get bad reviews from a THRIVE training group is to cut short their dance time.

Our second problem was that older people and folks with bad knees or who have had strokes like Jim Wilder needed to avoid hurting themselves. Most of the instructions for Davidic dance were made by and for dancers and that is great if you can do it. We needed to make a safe design so we included warm up exercises and “knee safe” versions of any difficult steps.

Jen Coursey had never made a video before. In fact, she was coming off several years of disability. She was growing and changing thanks to learning the THRIVE brain skills in her own life. Jen was very uncertain how she would do as a trainer but the results were nearly perfect. Steps to Joy is the most beginner friendly version of Davidic group dance training you will find. Before long you will know five songs and eight different steps. Start with the DVD and when you have learned the steps you can play the CD version and just dance along knowing your brain’s cingulate cortex (mental banana) is getting better all the time.

Steps to Joy DVD

Dance for Non-dancers

Steps to Joy was developed for non-dancers. Instruction begins with stretching exercises guided by Sara Manasseh to prevent injuries. Special care has been given to teaching alternate steps that will protect sensitive knees. The steps are broken down into separate moves with repeated practice. Sequences are built slowly. You have a clear view of the instructor’s feet along with clearly called instructions for each step. Steps are practiced slowly at first, then in sequences, next in a circle with a group and finally put to music.

Steps to Joy is suitable for learning in your own home, for use in small groups or for large group instruction for congregational worship. Now you can share your joy.

Five Complete Dances And Eight Different Dance Steps
Dance 1 Hodu L’Adonai (Barry and Batya Segal) New Steps: Tzerkessia, Mayim, Three Point Turn, Coupé
Dance 2 Shalom Jerusalem (Paul Wilbur) New Steps: Unnamed step 1
Dance 3 Where Does My Help Come From (Paul Wilbur) New Steps: Mizerlou
Dance 4 Hinei Ma Tov (Paul Wilbur) New Steps: Yemenite, Unnamed step 2
Dance 5 Arise O Lord (Paul Wilbur) Steps: Yemenite, Mizerlou

THRIVE dance developed in the C.A.R.E. community and Manna Congregation in Baldwin Michigan. The historical roots of this movement style come from Messianic Davidic worship rather than social dance, ballet or modern dance. While the first purpose of C.A.R.E. community dance remains the proper worship of God, this dance soon became a central part of THRIVE training. Worship dance serves the purpose of improving the synchronization of our minds individually and the development of a corporate harmony as well.

THRIVE Dance Synchronizes Many Different Levels at Once
Synchronize your brain with your body.
Synchronize yourself with God.
Synchronize areas of your brain internally.
Build a better group identity with other worshipers.

More Dance With Jen
Jen Coursey provides THRIVE dance instruction in conferences, for senior citizens, and other non-dancers. Her gifted instruction helps many who have never danced to improve their brain/body function as well as enter into worship.
For the latest materials, conferences or to plan your own event contact Jen through

A companion music CD is available for group practice and worship. This Steps to Joy CD has the same five dances as this DVD. The music is arranged in two sets of five songs each. The first set includes Jen’s calling the steps. The second set is the inspirational music alone for use in your worship experience.

Music Used by Permission of Integrity’s Hosanna! Music. All rights reserved.

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