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Forming Facilitator Training DVD

Author: David Takle
Published: Shepherd's House  Mar 1, 2012
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Facilitators will benefit from training that will change them as they prepare to serve other.

The Forming Facilitator Training Video includes two DVD’s.

Introduction for Facilitators

The twelve session program includes the following topics:
Session 1 – Changing our Minds about Change – Learning how to engage with God for change instead of trying to make it happen through our own efforts.

Session 2 – God is Relational – Understanding God’s best intentions toward us are to build a working relationship with us, rather than judge our every move.

Session 3 – 4 - Developing a Conversational Prayer Life – Learning how to listen to what God wants to share with us about life?

Session 5 Grace is Actually a Means for Transformation – Understanding grace is not only how we become a Christian, it is also how we grow as a Christian.

Session 6, 7, 8 – Ways to Engage with God for Change – Engaging actively with God and how to balance our part and God’s part in this process?

Session 9 – Renewing Our Minds – How to engage with God in ways that actually change how we see and think about all of life?

Session 10 – Healing Our Identity and Self-hate – How to engage with God to heal our distorted self-image?

Session 11 – Disarming Our Fear – How to engage with God to disarm our fears and build our trust in God?

Session 12 – Two kinds of Maturity – Understand what it means to “grow up in all things?”

The Forming Facilitator Training DVD Package is discounted as part of the Forming Open Group License Kit. Facilitators should consider attending facilitator events and keep informed by checking and signing up for a newsletter.

The Forming Facilitator Training DVD Package materials are included in the Institutional/Training License materials and do not need to be purchased separately under that license. Continue the transformation process following the Forming program by moving your group into a Belonging experience. Belonging is the third module of the Thriving: Recover Your Life program. ·

***Note - This item is available for license holders only. If you already own an Open Group License you will be able to purchase this product for $195.

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