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Forming Personal License Video

Author: David Takle
Published: Shepherd's House  Mar 1, 2012
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If you are looking for a personal resource that will help you develop an authentic relationship with God – this Personal License version of the 12 lessons taught by David Takle might be for you. You might want to consider purchasing your own Forming Participant Workbook which includes provocative questions and exercises in the workbook that will give you a deepened and recorded journey of the time spent with God.

Review and learn the lessons at home. Forming is a fresh, life giving approach to spiritual growth and restoration that is very different from traditional discipleship courses. What makes Forming unique is that instead of relying on willpower and self-effort to bring about change in the participants’ lives, they learn how to build a personal relationship with God that changes a person from the inside out.

Learning how to be with God, developing a genuine relationship with Him, and engaging with Him for transformation are what Forming is about. Participants learn – how to be formed more and more into the image of Christ, so that the life of Christ flows through them from the inside out.

Most Christian’s experience a significant period of growth immediately following their decision to follow Jesus. This growth usually includes new insights, making new friends, changing some behaviors and learning about the Christian lifestyle. A few years down the road; however, most new Christians find themselves in a place where their growth is slowing down and a level of discontent setting in. Some even experience burn-out from over volunteering at church.

The reason for stagnation is often associated with self-effort. While there are some things a person can decide to do, such as New Year’s resolution, there are many areas of a person’s heart that cannot change by an act of willpower alone. Trying harder to change only brings more discouragement. Discouragement and disappointment from being stuck can cause people to give up hope of having life-long on-going spiritual growth.

Forming offers a way for people to move forward in their journey of life. Instead of trying to row against a current of the inner life in an effort to do what they think is right, Forming teaches participants how to align the sails with the wind, engaging the Holy Spirit to change the direction of their hearts. Forming courses contain the following sessions:

The twelve session program includes the following topic:

Session 1 – Changing our Minds about Change – Learning how to engage with God for change instead of trying to make it happen through our own efforts.

Session 2 – God is Relational – Understanding God’s best intentions toward us are to build a working relationship with us, rather than judge our every move.

Session 3 – 4 - Developing a Conversational Prayer Life – Learning how to listen to what God wants to share with us about life?

Session 5 Grace is Actually a Means for Transformation – Understanding grace is not only how we become a Christian, it is also how we grow as a Christian.

Session 6, 7, 8 – Ways to Engage with God for Change – Engaging actively with God and how to balance our part and God’s part in this process?

Session 9 – Renewing Our Minds – How to engage with God in ways that actually change how we see and think about all of life?

Session 10 – Healing Our Identity and Self-hate – How to engage with God to heal our distorted self-image?

Session 11 – Disarming Our Fear – How to engage with God to disarm our fears and build our trust in God?

Session 12 – Two kinds of Maturity – Understand what it means to “grow up in all things?”

A Personal License is for personal use only. Purchasers of this Forming Video Series Personal License may display these images for their personal and private use only. The Personal License does not permit use of the video in groups, classes, training or where the licensee may profit materially or financially from its use.

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