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Belonging Institutional Training License

Author: Ed Khouri
Published: Shepherd's House  Apr 1, 2011
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The Belonging Institutional/Training License is intended for leading a Belonging group in a treatment program or center where the participants are screened for admission or their participation is paid. This includes all educational and treatment programs whether inpatient or outpatient.

The Institutional/Training (IT) License provides the license holder with a full set of the twelve lessons, instructions for group participation in key exercises, full facilitator training video for the course and the full set of instructions for each week for the belonging website for belonging coordinators from licensed groups. On-line participation allows ongoing instruction and exchange of ideas for the belonging coordinators globally. Your Institutional/Training License also provides discounted prices on the Belonging workbooks and access to purchase the Belonging Facilitator workbooks and selected Belonging products. Belonging is the joy we create around us. Belonging is the second class in the Thriving Recover Your Life series. Belonging is designed to follow either Forming or Restarting. Belonging blends the Forming and Restarting classes together and creates a particularly helpful blend for Belonging participation. Belonging is training and these 90 days require over 60 exercises during class and for homework. Join Ed Khouri in the high Sierra for an adventure in appreciation and a closer walk with God. The wonderful beauty of the mountains and creation are blended with Ed’s warmth, encouragement and stories. Ed turns deep and complicated truths into thoughts as clear as the mountain streams. You are going to be amazed!

Belonging is built around training and homework. Careful steps are taken to form training groups that provide encouragement, support and diversity needed to work on belonging skills. Groups are helped by “belonging coordinators” at each “round table” who receive additional support and training each week to help their group return. Ed Khouri sits by a fire in one of the oldest ranches in the Western Sierra and provides direction for the belonging coordinators under a ceiling full of Wild West bullet holes.

The IT license is a 2 year renewable license. The purchase price is based upon which category your organization is under. (call 904-215-9606 for more information) At the end of your 2 year license, you can renew based upon how many participants completed Belonging during the 1st 2 years. (minimum renewal fee is $99.50)

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