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THRIVE Track III Lectures: Applied Strategy

Author: Jim Wilder
Published:   Nov 1, 2011
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Applied Strategy: Track III Lecture Series - 5 DVD Set


Applied Strategy

Continue THRIVE training in this concluding lecture series with Dr. Jim Wilder, genius behind the Life Model and the necessary skills for strategic interventions for the five levels of pain in the brain. Dr. Karl Lehman demonstrates recorded actual healing from various levels of pain.

    Included in this series:
  • Eight hours of transforming and life giving lectures by Dr. Jim Wilder on this five DVD set. Each session describes intricately how to practice and implement the principals learned in Track I and II of the Lecture Series of THRIVE program. These six lectures cover the applied strategy of the THRIVE Training. Topics include:
  • o Five Pain levels Control center synchronizations, interventions
  • o Level 4+ Pain - Level 4+ synchronization, pain and the VLE
  • o Level 4 Pain Level 4 synchronization, pain and immaturity, three-way bonds, triggering VLE
  • o Level 3 Pain Synchronization, loss of control center synchronization, Level 3 interventions
  • o Level 2 pain - Breakdown at Level 2, Level 2 interventions
  • o Level 1 pain - Attachment pain and Level 1 interventions
  • Recorded client sessions with Dr. Karl Lehman, demonstrating healing at various levels of pain.

This remarkable THRIVE Track III lecture set is taught by Dr. Jim Wilder in a causal conversational approach as though he were explaining personally how to find the relational brain processes needed to return to joy when things go wrong. The teaching guides participants through the five levels of pain and discusses synchronization and possible intervention. Partners, parents, congregational care leaders, educators, home-schoolers, pastors and people who help others transform their life need to know how to recover from pain and stay steady under pressure. Hurt people and those living with or recovering from addictions in their families need to know how to find the way back to joy.

The Applied Strategy training in year three of THRIVE SKILLS, 5 day training program, is a must for successful facilitation of any Thriving: Recover Your Life program. Get ready to lead Restarting, Belonging and Forming modules from the Thriving: Recover Your Life by learning the five levels of pain, synchronization and interventions. Prepare for THRIVE Track III as these lectures are prerequisites to attending that program.

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