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Wired for Relationship

Author: Ed Khouri
Published:   Aug 30, 2011
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Watch the best introduction and overview of the approach that Thriving is using for addiction! It incorporates elements of Restarting, Belonging and Healing.

In addition, this is a great introduction to "what is addiction and how does it work." The illustrations and examples are simple, clear and free of confusing jargon. It presents a pretty good overview of brain science and addiction, but doesn't use technical/clinical language. It is a great intro for beginners, and because it is rooted in neuroscience and the study of addiction, it is also a good tool for professionals, pastors and counselors. It is an approach that Christians can appreciate - and secular people can understand.

This DVD is important because it doesn't just provide a simple description for addiction - it contains simple, easy to use prescriptions to help the brain heal.

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