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THRIVE Track II Lectures

Author: Jim Wilder
Published:   Jul 11, 2011
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The amazing THRIVE Track II lecture set is taught by Dr. Jim Wilder in a causal conversational way as though he were explaining to you personally how to find the relational brain processes needed to return to joy when things go wrong. More than six hours of teaching guide you through the five levels of brain synchronization and how the loss of synchronization at any level can hurt. Bonding, fear bonds, loss of control, sin, addictions, immaturity and deception all lead us back to a need to have strong relationships with God and others.

Partners, parents, teachers, home-schoolers, pastors and leaders need to know how to recover from pain and stay steady under pressure. Recovery groups, hurt people and those living with addictions in their families need to know how to find the way back to joy. You will want to listen to these lectures several times and share them with family, friends, teachers and leaders you know.

Take your learning even further with detailed discussions, fellow learners and meaningful applications by purchasing the kit with online course registration included that goes with this lecture set.

Prepare yourself to lead Thriving Recovery by learning the way back to joy. Prepare for THRIVE track II as these lectures are required before attending THRIVE Track II training.

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