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Share Immanuel

Author: Jim Wilder and Chris Coursey
Published: Shepherd's House Inc.  Feb 15, 2010
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This 21 page, full color booklet is the simple and attractive way to share Immanuel healing with others. Share Immanuel is illustrated with flowers, thorns and personal examples that guide you through the three simple stages of an Immanuel healing experience. You learn the best way to prepare, interact with God for healing and then retrain how your mind thinks. Most prayer ministry training teaches only the interaction with God and little if any about the best ways to prepare. As far as we know, Share Immanuel is the only guide that includes how to retrain your mind to apply the healing to your life. And yet, Share Immanuel is simple and as enjoyable as giving hospitality to your friends. This booklet includes a guide to sources, resources and problem solving. Share Immanuel is used in the Thriving Recover Your Life module called Healing. You do not need to be a leader or counselor to Share Immanuel with the people you like and love just share what has changed your life! Discounts make it easy to Share Immanuel with others for about the cost of a special cup of coffee.


Share Immanuel is now available translated into German on Amazon!

Ich Kenne Immanuel @

Ich Kenne Immanuel @

Ich Kenne Immanuel @

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