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Restarting Workbook- Facilitator Edition

Author: Ed Khouri
Published: Shepherd's House  Mar 15, 2008
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Restarting Workbook

Ed Khouri is pretty laid back for an ex-cop. He can be remarkably quiet for a preacher. He gets an amazing amount of work done for someone on a river in a place called Catfish Corners. But Ed set out to build a better mousetrap knowing that the world will beat a path to his door. The cheese on that better mousetrap is the Restarting program. What Ed plans to catch are 75% of people who are falling out of traditional recovery programs and ending up with ruined lives or dead.

Start with the sheer size of this workbook. It includes the notes from hundreds of PowerPoint slides. There are enough exercises to run 36 group meetings. There are three different versions of video programming available to go with this workbook.

Ed kept a team running to keep up with him. He and his wife Maritza ran tests in a local church. Jim Wilder tested and reviewed the programs on the other coast with Californians. A graphic artist in Argentina worked into Christmas vacation to lay out the materials. The proofreader was in Ohio. The project coordinator was in Pasadena. The printer was in Michigan. The distributor was in Illinois. Ed tested the concepts in Finland, Estonia, England, Uganda, Egypt and the Netherlands as well as Catfish Corners. That is the advantage of being a recognized addition recovery trainer and curriculum developer in every inhabited continent.

That brings us to Antarctica, the only uninhabited continent. If you know Ed at all you know how often he speaks fondly of penguins. He is as romantic about penguins as he is hostile about chiggers from Catfish Corner. We suspect that if Antarctica is ever populated that Edís answers to the addictions and traumas that follow will make Restarting a best seller with penguins too.

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We apologize, but apparently one page is missing from the current printing of the Restarting Workbook. It is a worksheet needed for the exercise in Chapter 9. You can download this worksheet HERE

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