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Advanced Thrive Skills- Year Three

Author: Wilder, Chris & Jen Coursey
Published: Shepherd's House  Sep 1, 2009
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Year Three The team set high standards for what happens after Track Three of THRIVE. Since the focus turns from receiving to giving there needs to be one powerful tool to make the transition successful. Chris, Lady Jen and Jim Wilder put their combined effort to release Year Three Advanced THRIVE Skills: Strategic Mastery, one full year of training. Now you focus how to train other people. Travel to new heights as you practice these skills with your partner, family and community. Chris and Jen are proud of this addition to the THRIVE package. Year Three Skill Guide is a bold approach to help you propagate the 19 brain skills through exercises and activities. You learn to deal with complex issues such as attachment pain as well as implicit memory issues that are known to be joy robbers. In Strategic Mastery you have plenty of practice for returning to joy, acting like yourself, utilizing Godsight, dealing with the sark along with some innovative ways to use Skill 15, Interactive Quieting. The biggest addition has to do with Skill 18, where you practice Intervening Where the Brain is Stuck. Learn and utilize strategic solutions to your pain and the pain your loved ones experience. Included in this workbook is the Belonging Attachment Pain and Cravings Checklist as well as the Relational Circuits information. These invaluable resources take THRIVE training to another level. Use Strategic Mastery and begin changing your generation!

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