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Basic Thrive Skills

Author: Chris and Jen Coursey
Published: Shepherd's House Inc.  Sep 1, 2006
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This guide and its exercises covers all the skills trained the first year and begins the preparation for the skills taught second year at the THRIVE Conference. A wide variety of specialized activities are designed to build your abilities but also to help you learn to diagnose the causes for the times the training does not work. Many of the reasons an exercise will not work the first time you try it are explained in detail along with possible solutions. Chris and Jen Coursey have developed a fascinating and helpful resource to build stronger brains skills and relationships. Use these exercises with the bonded partner you took to THRIVE or to help members of your family or small group learn the skills with you.
These books are designed to go after the THRIVE Conference experience just like the Living From The Heart Jesus Gave You, Bringing the LIFE Model to Life and the Sensible Strategies video are designed to prepare you for your first THRIVE Conference. These books and video are well suited for use in small group study, growth and recovery groups.

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