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Bringing the Life Model to Life

Author: Koepcke, et al
Published: Shepherd's House, Inc.  Nov 30, 2003
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Written by Rick Koepcke, Ruth Ann Koepcke, Maribeth Poole and E. James Wilder, .
The healing, growth and ministry workbook to accompany the Life Model book "Living from the Heart Jesus Gave You," and the video for leading small groups in churches and recovery ministries entitled "Sensible Strategies" by Chris Coursey.
Individual in counseling develop focus and goals.
Recovery groups become a source of life to others.
Parents raise strong, joyful, persevering children.
Guides maturity for discipleship.
Helps leaders with the "big Picture.


Locate a Life Model Church! Connect with like-minded friends!

Due to growing demand, we plan to post every known Life Model church on the Life Model website. Using a new electronic mapping system, the Life Model website will have an online map. In order to find the location and contact information for churches who proactively use the Life Model we need your help.

There is a LINK on the left panel of the Life Model website that lets you "View Locations". Be sure to check out the new maps!

See the location of Thriving Recovery groups, Shepherd's House partners, Shepherd's House offices and where the Life Model materials have been distributed in the last three years. See the map now!

Pastors and church leaders, please email the seven pieces of info (below) to Shepherd's House at

Experience joy with like-minded friends. Learn the skills to thrive.

FREE Banana Baseball VHS tape for churches who register by September 30th, 2008!

Every Life Model church that registers for the new Life Model map receives a free VHS copy of Banana Baseball! Be sure to register by September 30th, 2008. Contact Shepherd's House at

Here's what to send when you register:

  1. Church Name
  2. Church Website
  3. Street Address
  4. City, State and Zip Code
  5. Church Phone
  6. Contact Person
  7. Contact Email
  8. One line listing of Life Model Applications (i.e. LM church design, LM discipleship, LM evangelism, LM parenting, LM men's ministry, LM counseling) Group meeting days and times.

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