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Just Between Father & Son

Author: E James Wilder
Published: InterVarsity Press  Nov 30, 1989
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Just Between Father and Son

Chosen as one of three winners out of a pile of more than 1,000 manuscripts submitted for publication, Just Between Father and Son put Wilder on the “Who's Who” of fathering advocates in America in less than a year. The book contains personal stories about life as a man that were never intended to be published. Wilder wrote for his sons and grandchildren in a warm and humorous way that now makes other readers feel like they are with family.

The real problem with the title the publishers chose is that it sounds like “KEEP OUT!” if you are not a father or son. This was not the desired message. The book never sold. Maybe sales were slow because so many people are uncomfortable talking about puberty or because it seemed like a book for a few fathers. The publishers were puzzled. The material was so good that a second publisher decided to give the book a try and republished it as “Rite of Passage.” Publishers will rarely give a book that did not sell a second chance. Again it was a mystery that such an exceptional book did not sell. The result was that Shepherd’s House acquired a quantity of hardbound copies from the original publisher to sell at a fantastic price.

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