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Belonging Facilitator Workbook

Author: Ed Khouri
Published: Shepherd's House  Nov 14, 2012
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BELONGING Facilitator Workbook $24.95

Everything about Belonging is designed to help you grow deeper, life-giving relationships with God and other others.

The facilitator for Belonging does far more training than was the case in Forming or Restarting. The facilitator of Belonging will benefit from the facilitator workbook as it outlines these 60 exercises and offers step by step details to the facilitator on how to demonstrate and explain exercises to the participants of the class.

In the Belonging Facilitator Workbook, careful steps are taken to explain how to form small, diverse training groups that provide the encouragement and relational support and needed to work on Belonging skills. These small groups are helped by “Belonging Coordinators” who receive additional support and preparation from their own weekly training video and online class to help their group return to joy. The facilitator workbook will set the stage for training the Belonging Coordinators and engaging them in the Belonging exercises. In the Belonging Facilitator’s Guide and Workbook you receive:

  • Detailed notes that prepare you to lead twelve weekly lessons, and in-depth instructions to help you facilitate over 60 training exercises.
  • Weekly exercises that use almost two thirds of the class time helping students apply what they’ve learned that day,
  • Weekly guidance for facilitators,
  • Training worksheets that help participants personalize essential Belonging Skills.
  • The entire 178-page student workbook, which provides step-by-step instructions for brain training exercises that build joy, recovery and relationship skills.

Belonging is the second module in the Thriving: Recover Your Life program – an innovative and comprehensive training program for two groups: 1) people with trauma or addictions and 2) those seeking training to grow in their relationship with God and others.

This workbook is designed to be used in conjunction with the Belonging Facilitator Training DVD’s and Open Group or IT License. SEE COMPANION DVD’S

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