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Munchies Volume 12

Author: Jim Wilder
Published:   Nov 1, 2005
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Immanuel Healing was developed by Dr. Karl Lehman based on his experiences with Jesus in healing sessions and the theological studies by Charlotte Lehman on "God with us" - the meaning of the word Immanuel. In these lessons Dr. Wilder takes us from one end of Immanuel experiences to the other. The last lesson leads to a startling conclusion about the Immanuel presence of God and why the children of Christian leaders often go so far from the faith of their parents.

Immanuel Healing

The Interactive Presence of Jesus                  56 min.
The Presence from Godís Side                       55 min.
The Presence in Conflict                           51 min.
The Presence in Pain                               50 min.
When We Canít See God Presence                     55 min.
When Others Canít See God Presence                 31 min.
When Wounds Wonít Heal                             46 min.
The Presence in Wounded People                     59 min.
Is the Presence Only for Winners?                  59 min.
What Happens to the Children of Christian Leaders? 55 min.

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