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Munchies Volume 6

Author: Jim Wilder
Published:   Nov 1, 2005
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The book of Judges explains how God uses the strange characters in life and why some unsavory characters still do important things for God. This interesting view of how leaders fail and fall invites us all to develop a new view of the world by looking through our hearts.

God's Rain Falls on the Just and Unjust

Part 1 Love your enemies                 58 min.
Part 2 What do you mean by that?         50 min.
Part 3 Driving out                       51 min.
Part 4 Bringing revival                  59 min.
Part 5 Bad Leroy Brown                   61 min.
Part 6 Suicide bomber                    26 min.
Part 7 The hill country stories          49 min.
Part 8 Spiritual strategies that fail    57 min.

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