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Munchies Volume 7

Author: Jim Wilder
Published:   Nov 1, 2005
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Suffering well as a Christian community, seeing others through Godís eyes, why Paul did not mean what we usually think in 2 Corinthians 4:17 takes us from manna in the wilderness to Daffy Duck. What did Paul mean by calling all the suffering on earth ďlightĒ and momentary?

Epiphany - The Wisdom of Seeking Christ  50 min.
Church Fights
- Part 1 The Fights Historical           55 min.
- Part 2 Worship and Dance               51 min.
Giving Thanks
- Part 1 Godís Good Food                 56 min.
- Part 2 Godís Good People               51 min.
- Part 3 Practice Stories                41 min.
Light Afflictions
- Part 1 I Meant Daffy Duck              30 min.
- Part 2 My Burden Is Light              46 min.

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