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Addiction Lectures THRIVE 2007

Author: Ed Khouri and Jim Wilder
Published:   Jun 30, 2007
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Addiction Lectures THRIVE 2007

Ed didn’t quite know what to do when he realized that Jim was sitting on the floor with his arms around Ed’s leg. When you get Ed Khouri and Jim Wilder together it releases their inner river otters to come out and have fun. These two like to practice our motto and experience the joy!

Track IV of the THRIVE conferences is very different from the other three tracks because it is built around application of the THRIVE brain skills to problems in life. The three training tracks teach these 19 essential emotional intelligence skills but in this series you will hear them applied to recovery from addiction and trauma.

The whole Thriving Recovery program grew out of the “Banana Growers Association” issue of how to spread lost brain skills. Here is the simple problem:

  • If there are brain skills that are necessary for stable personalities and good relationships that can only be acquired from someone who has them
  • If once these skills are lost then they are no longer passed from generation to generation in families, communities and cultures.
  • If most leaders, therapists, doctors, pastors, counselors and teachers are lacking several of these skills – and most don’t know it.
  • If the relational brain skills are transmitted non-verbally in joy bonded relationships.
  • Then HOW are we going to get missing skills back into the people, families and cultures?

  1. THRIVE Training is experimental project number one for people with good relationships.
  2. Thriving Recovery is experimental project number two for people with few relationships.

These lectures are taken from the week that the two projects were together. Listen to the lessons that are being strategically prepared to change the world. It sure is grandiose but can you think of a better goal? Are you ready to think big?

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