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JIM Talks Vol. 30- Iniquities

Author: Jim Wilder
Published: Shepherd's House  Sep 13, 2013
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This extensive study on iniquity will help you see the Bible through new eyes. Scripture is careful to distinguish between iniquity, sin and transgression in many Old Testament Hebrew passages but the New Testament Greek does not provide equivalent distinctions. Many Christians now consider the terms interchangeable because they all represent something gone wrong. This would be the same as assuming that cancer, broken bones and Down’s syndrome were all the same thing and required the same solution because they are medical conditions. Iniquity refers to those things that deform our development and the Bible gives special attention to “workers of iniquity” – those who produce deformities in others. Come learn what it meant when the prophet Isaiah said of Messiah, “The LORD has laid on him the iniquities of us all.”

Fifteen lessons with over 8 hours of teaching await you in JIM Talks Vol. 30

  1. 36:56
  2. 37:51
  3. 33:08
  4. 39:39
  5. 37:49
  6. 36:50
  7. 33:34
  8. 34:16
  9. 39:09
  10. 36:28
  11. 36:20
  12. 31:33
  13. 33:02
  14. 32:18
  15. 34:18

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