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JIMTalks Volume 29 Weakness and Strength

Author: Jim Wilder
Published: Shepherd's House  May 15, 2013
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JIMTalks Volume 29 Weakness and Strength

Many things we consider strengths are considered weaknesses in scripture leading to confusion about what develops strong Godly character. These JIMTalks lay out the importance of weakness in the development of strong character. Strength and weakness are central thoughts in the Joy Starts Here book and these lessons deepen our understanding of how we live with weakness.

We often feel weak and tired when our hard work does not pay off. The Prophet Isaiah speaks of Jesus life by saying the Messiah would waste His strength and gain no results. How weakness worked in Jesusí life helps us to see how Godís strength works through our weakness.

The two lessons on Spiritual Warfare take away the fear and mystery many feel thinking about the devil. Marriage in Heaven came out of a class memberís impending death and questions her relationship with her deceased husband in heaven. Reward He Deserves examines Paulís statement, ďmay the Lord reward him as he deserves.Ē Should we forgive or pray that God lets people have what they have coming?

1.       Spiritual Warfare 1                        44:02

2.       Spiritual Warfare 2                        45:15

3.       Weakness 1                                  31:10

4.       Weakness 2                                  37:54

5.       Weakness 3                                  33:04

6.       Jesus Wastes His Strength 1                 31:14

7.       Jesus Wastes His Strength 2                 30:54

8.       Marriage in Heaven                          32:02

9.       Reward He Deserves                          37:09


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