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JIMTalks Food and Attachment With God

Author: Jim Wilder
Published: Shepherd's House  Jan 1, 2013
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Food was made to help us attach with God and with the people who feed us. This 80-minute talk by Dr. Jim Wilder explains how we become attached to the food instead of the feeder like Adam and Eve and the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. And how Jesus uses food to resolve traumas by restoring relationship. There has long been a question of whether Jesus resolved psychological traumas and how He did it. Without understanding the link between food, comfort eating and attachment we have long missed understanding Jesus in action. If you struggle with food cravings, comfort eating, poor relationships or traumas this is a lesson you should not miss.

(This standard CD summarizes the 10 lessons in the JIMTalks Volume 28 series on Attachment With God and is also contained in the bonus track 11 of that MP3 CD.)

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