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2011 Share Immanuel Evenings Audio CDs with Dr. Jim Wilder

Author: Jim Wilder
Published:   Apr 20, 2011
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Disk One
1. Wednesday Night – Partial recording (29 min.)
2. Thursday Night (44 min.)

Disk Two 3. Friday Night (52 min.)

Listen to profound teachings by Dr. Jim Wilder during each of the three open evenings of the THRIVE Track IV Share Immanuel 2011 Conference! Recordings were found for every evening except the beginning of the first night. After listening to Wilder, attendees demanded this resource be made available! Several reported feeling like they were on “holy ground” during Wilder’s heart-felt sharing. Enjoy a spontaneous blessing from Wilder as he releases the crowd one evening with the Lullaby In Jesus' Name! Learn more about Share Immanuel with the Share Immanuel booklet and accompanying Immanuel: Taking Healing to the World CD.

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